Bestämmer du över de tekniska inköpen på ert företag? Tror du, eller tycker du, att slutsatserna som beskrivs i den här artikeln också stämmer in på svenska vanor? Stämmer det in på dina vanor?

Det är en intressant artikel jag hänvisar till och först plockar jag ut några fakta.

Rörlig kommunikation

För IT decision-makers (ITDMer) är videofilmer det viktigaste första steget i deras köpresa. Hela 95% av de som tittat på rörligt media tar nästa steg och börjar aktivt söka mer information om produkten.

Anledningarna till att köpresan börjar via video sägs vara för att:

  • Utvärdera produkter och tjänster (84%)
  • Ta reda på de tekniska specifikationerna (77%)
  • Identifiera affärsbehoven (72%)

Och detta gör man genom att besöka leverantörens hemsida (71%) och tredjeparts webbplatser (64%).

Samt att kvaliteten på filmproduktionen spelar stor roll. Nästan hälften av de svarande anser att kvaliteten är kritisk eller mycket viktig.

För oss marknadsförare är självklart den strategiska marknadsplanen utgångspunkten för alla marknadsinsatser. Och då uppstår frågan om rörligt innehåll, videofilmer, ska få så stort fokus som den här artikeln gör gällande? Är de svenska tech-köparna och beslutsfattarna lika benägna att starta sin köpresa via rörlig kommunikation?

Här kan du läsa artikeln.

Why Technology Marketers Should Enthusiastically Embrace B2B Video – Shhh… Tech Decision Makers Are Trying to Tell Us Something

Influencing tech decision-makers has always presented a steep challenge for B2B marketing and sales. In general, these buyers tend to be a step ahead of the curve when it comes to digitally researching and evaluating solutions — no surprise given the innovative space in which they operate.

So as it grows increasingly clear that video marketing is integral to a B2B strategy, it should also come as no surprise that tech decision-makers are already deeply engaging with this type of content.

By understanding the habits and tendencies of the modern B2B tech buyer, marketers can gain a crucial edge in a highly competitive field.

Why Technology Marketers Should Invest in B2B Video

New research released last year by IDG confirms that IT decision-makers (ITDMs) are reliant on video content during the purchase process, especially in the earlier stages. The organisation’s Customer Engagement Study found that 95% of ITDMs watch technology-related video, and will frequently take the next step of researching a product, visiting a vendor website, or forwarding the video to colleagues.

Let’s take a look at some other data points from IDG’s study and assess how they might help shape a B2B video marketing strategy targeting this vertical.

Tech decision-makers consume video content across various platforms, for various reasons

In citing their objectives for viewing technology-related video content, ITDMs ranked these as some of the most common:

  • Evaluating products and services (84%)
  • Defining technical requirements (77%)
  • Determining business need (72%)
  • Recommending and selecting vendors (68%)

The top two platforms for viewing video were vendor websites (71%) and third-party technology content sites (64%). This report came out before LinkedIn’s native video features were rolled out in earnest, but it stands to reason — with technology professionals consuming more content on the platform than those in other industries — that LinkedIn feeds will become an increasingly common source.

The takeaway? An effective B2B video marketing strategy in the tech space will include content covering numerous areas of buyer uncertainty, and housed in various locations (LinkedIn, YouTube, and website embeds).

Tech decision-makers find video product demos highly valuable

Among ITDMs surveyed, 58% pointed to videos and webinars as the most valuable types of product demonstrations — second only to limited-time, full-function trials (65%). If your company doesn’t offer trials, or is struggling to get sign-ups for them, video may very well be your best bet for driving leads through the lower part of the funnel.

Before creating a video pitching your product, though, determine how it will fit into your overall strategy. Decision-makers spend almost twice as much time on average watching how-to videos (12.23 minutes on average) compared to first-look product videos (6.63 minutes). Webcasts outrank both, checking in at 16.52 minutes on average. So it’s a good idea to lead with informational, top-of-funnel video content that attracts and builds brand awareness, with product demos and showcases in your pocket to help convert.

Make note of this key stat: 85% of ITDMs are more likely to consider an IT vendor who educates them through each stage of the decision process.

Tech decision-makers care about video production quality

You will need a good hook in your video to keep a busy tech buyer’s attention, but you’ll also likely need to surpass a certain quality threshold. Nearly half of all respondents in the IDG study (47%) cited video production quality as being “critical or very important,” compared to only 10% who said it didn’t matter much at all. This standard skewed more toward young professionals, suggesting professional-caliber output will only grow more essential.

“Marketers would do well to hire video professionals or invest in good quality equipment,” opines IDG in its whitepaper. No disagreement here, although we recently offered up some low-barrier entry tips for creating quick and easy professional video for LinkedIn.

Tech decision-makers are tired of jargon and overt promotion

IT buyers don’t care for buzzwords. That much continues to be evident. In the IDG survey, 56% said that “too much marketing hype or empty buzzwords” was the primary reason they found it difficult to find information they need, outranking other factors substantially.

In certain niches of the technology sector, it is quite challenging to completely abstain from using prevalent industry jargon. But in light of this data, you should probably aim for more conversational dialogue when scripting videos for this audience. In fact, you might score points by injecting humor and poking fun at those obnoxious buzzwords.

Turn on Your B2B Video Strategy

Tech decision-makers are among the toughest professional cohorts for marketers to reach, given the level of competition for their attention. But through data, they seem to be telling us that video is among our best bets for breaking through.

With a well crafted B2B video strategy that crosses channels, covers each stage of the buyer journey, features high-quality production, and cuts down on trendy lingo, companies can make a real impact with their campaigns.


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